PLEASE BE CAREFUL: sicherbezahlen never asks you to transfer money to a non German bank account. Learn more.

ATTENTION:  Fraudsters are currently trying to give the impression of a secure escrow payment via various classifieds portals. Our German IBAN can only be found in the APP and is provided by the Wirecard Bank. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

About us

The Idea

The idea of sicherbezahlen (formerly known as Easy Car Pay) was developed in the summer of 2015 due to own experiences. The initiators of sicherbezahlen have bought and sold young- and oldtimers for many years. The payment was mostly difficult and associated with many problems. The transportation of huge amounts of cash to strangers, is something nobody really likes to do. Only at the first glance the bank transfer is a alternative, because it leaves the buyer with an uncomfortable feeling: Does the car and the seller even exist? Which hidden flaws are reticent and what will I get for my money in the end? In addition, the founders of sicherbezahlen have many years of professional experience in the automotive trade business, where the management of cash is always difficult and expensive. In the last years, more barriers have been set up in form of statutory requirements imposed by money laundering laws. The need for a simple, cashless and safe way of purchasing and selling used cars got bigger.

We have decided to create sicherbezahlen – a simple and safe way to make cashless payments. It has been a long journey till now because it was clear to us that we’d like to meet our standards ‘simple and safe’ in all areas. It may be easy to design a service like this quickly, but too offer a high level of security and reliability at the same time, is our mission. The less compromise you are willing to make, the more time till the finished product will pass. That’s why we can proudly say that sicherbezahlen has been launched in April 2016, an online payment service that offers quality and safety at the same time as simplest processes and a maximum of time savings for both sides – car buyer and seller.

We are looking forward for the growth of our product and wish you much fun and success with your transactions at sicherbezahlen.

Management Board
Jan Hardorp Xing
CSO/CMO Ströer Media SE
Waterland Private Equity GmbH
Project Manager McKinsey & Company
Ulrich Schmidt Xing
Sevenval Technologies GmbH
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