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ATTENTION:  Fraudsters are currently trying to give the impression of a secure escrow payment via various classifieds portals. Our German IBAN can only be found in the APP and is provided by the Wirecard Bank. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


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Do I have to go through the identification procedure?

Due to legal regulations, sicherbezahlen has to check the buyer’s identity, this means that everybody who wants to buy a car over the value of €1000 has to go trough the ident process. Sellers do not have to perform the identification procedure.

What happens with my data?

Your personal data will be treated sensitively by our partner IDnow. The data is only needed to ensure that the data which provided by the user actually matches the identity.

What do I need for this procedure?

For the identification, you only need a valid ID card and a smartphone or a computer (camera required). If you perform the identification on the smartphone via browser, you must download the IDnow app. For this reason, we recommend you to download our iOS or Android app if you want to use sicherbezahlen on your smartphone. In this case, you don’t need to download the IDnow app and can do the identification immediately with our app.

How does the identification process work?

This process is carried out by our video ident partner IDnow. The inspection only last around three minutes. You run trough a video call together with a trained identification agent. During the video call, some personal information are requested, as well as photographs of you and your identification document. Your data is then checked by the agent. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from sicherbezahlen if the verification was successful.

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