PLEASE BE CAREFUL: sicherbezahlen never asks you to transfer money to a non German bank account. Learn more.

ATTENTION:  Fraudsters are currently trying to give the impression of a secure escrow payment via various classifieds portals. Our German IBAN can only be found in the APP and is provided by the Wirecard Bank. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

7 basic rules to protect your personal data

Consumers are currently being contacted by scammers who suggest sicherbezahlen as a payment method and later linking to an illegal copy of our site. Please note: sicherbezahlen has no foreign bank account and never asks you to transfer money to a non German bank account. Please contact us in case of any suspicious activity at or +49 221-1773838-0

It is important that one takes care about his own data. Especially sensitive data like access data or transaction numbers should be well protected. To help you, we have compiled six important basic rules. They show you how you can protect your personal data on the Internet.

We recommend a password which contains at least six characters, a capital letter and one number. It is essential that no personal information is used like a birthdate or the name of your child. Please keep your login details in safe custody and prevent misuse by third parties.

sicherbezahlen  protect your personal data trough a secure encryption method. For us it’s fundamental that all our systems are protected against unauthorized access. Always make sure that you are in an SSL-encrypted area.

sicherbezahlen sends e-mail notifications to car buyers and sellers. After registering, both parties are always addressed with the given first and last name. If you receive an e-mail, after the successful registration, which doesn’t address you with your first and last name, it is most likely a phishing-mail.

At sicherbezahlen the buyer always deposits the purchase price to a German Wirecard Bank account. An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of Wirecard Bank AG for the sicherbezahlen service has the following structure:

iban example

Please note that we never communicate the IBAN via e-mail. Only the buyer can see the IBAN in his sicherbezahlen account. The buyer see the transaction specific IBAN after he has entered his personal data, has confirmed his mobile phone number and has done the identification.

You can protect yourself, our advice is: Always use the newest version of your browser. Here you can get the latest version of your browser:

The release TAN (mTAN) must be requested from the car buyer trough his sicherbezahlen profile. The release TAN is valid for 15 minutes. Only the car buyer is able to get the release TAN. Car buyer should be careful that no one is aware of the release TAN and account data, within the 15 minutes. sicherbezahlen never sends the release TAN by e-mail, but only per SMS to the mobile phone number of the car buyer. The car buyer enters the release TAN on his user interface (via computer or mobile phone) to give the money irrevocable free for his vehicle.

For the release TAN (mTAN) the mobile phone number of the buyer is absolutely required and need to be verified in its sicherbezahlen account. The seller can also store and verify his mobile phone number in his account. Thus he also has the possibility to receive all transaction updates via SMS. Make sure you only store your own mobile phone number in your sicherbezahlen account. You should never share the 4-digit verification code and the release TAN (see basic rule 6).

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