PLEASE BE CAREFUL: sicherbezahlen never asks you to transfer money to a non German bank account. Learn more.

ATTENTION:  Fraudsters are currently trying to give the impression of a secure escrow payment via various classifieds portals. Our German IBAN can only be found in the APP and is provided by the Wirecard Bank. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

sicherbezahlen SEPA area

The sicherbezahlen  service can be used in the entire SEPA area. The buyer and seller need to have a SEPA-compatible bank account. The countries of the SEPA area are shown (in bold) in the following table:

Region Country Code SEPA area Video-Ident possible
Algeria DZ No Yes
Angola AO No Yes
Argentina AR No Yes
Australia AR No Yes
Belgium BE Yes Yes
Bolivia BO No Yes
Bosnia Herzegovina BA No Yes
Bulgaria BG Yes Yes
Brazil BR No Yes
Hong Kong - China CN No Yes
Denmark DK Yes Yes
Germany DE Yes Yes
Dominican Republic DO No Yes
Estonia EE Yes Yes
Finland FI Yes Yes
France FR Yes Yes
Greece GR Yes Yes
Honduras HN No Yes
India IN No Yes
Indonesia ID No Yes
Ireland IE Yes Yes
Iceland IS Yes Yes
Italy IT Yes Yes
Japan JP No Yes
Canada CA No Yes
Colombia CO No Yes
Croatia HR Yes Yes
Latvia LV Yes Yes
Liechtenstein LI Yes Yes
Lithuania LT Yes Yes
Luxembourg LU Yes Yes
Malaysia MY No Yes
Malta MT No Yes
Morocco MA No Yes
Mexico MX No Yes
Monaco MC Yes No
Namibia NA No Yes
New Zealand NZ No Yes
Netherlands NL Yes Yes
Nigeria NG No Yes
Norway NO Yes Yes
Austria AT Yes Yes
Pakistan PK No Yes
Philippines PH No Yes
Poland PL Yes Yes
Portugal PT Yes Yes
Romania RO Yes Yes
Russia RU No Yes
San Marino SM Yes No
Sweden SE Yes Yes
Switzerland CH Yes Yes
Senegal SN No Yes
Singapore SG No Yes
Slovakia SK Yes Yes
Slovenia SI Yes Yes
Spain ES Yes Yes
South Africa ZA No Yes
Republic of Korea KR No Yes
Syria SY No Yes
Taiwan (Republik China) TW No Yes
Thailand TH No Yes
Czech Republic CZ Yes Yes
Tunisia TN No Yes
Turkey TR No Yes
Ukraine UA No Yes
Hungary HU Yes Yes
United Kingdom GB Yes Yes
Cyprus CY Yes Yes
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