PLEASE BE CAREFUL: sicherbezahlen never asks you to transfer money to a non German bank account. Learn more.

ATTENTION:  Fraudsters are currently trying to give the impression of a secure escrow payment via various classifieds portals. Our German IBAN can only be found in the APP and is provided by the Wirecard Bank. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Why sicherbezahlen

Risk factor second-hand car market:

In Germany, approximately 8,000 used vehicles change daily the private owner. Buying a car from a private person is tempting, especially compared to dealer offers you can find a great bargain. Hence, it is no wonder that in the second-hand car market you should take a tough stance, because in no other market you will find more bumbler and scammer. Especially when money is involved, the scammer are tricky and know that they can make an easy prey.

Simple. Safe. Cashless. Germany’s payment provider for cars, boats and more.

sicherbezahlen solves these problems and provides all around security and comfort. Already in the first year after the founding in 2015 we were able to take care for many buyers and sellers during the car buying/selling process. In Germany, but also across the entire European Union. With strong experienced partners at our side, we can not only offer 100% safety and comfort but also constantly improve and expand our service at sicherbezahlen. The principle is simple:

The buyer pay in money to the escrow account. At the hand over, he releases the purchase price via mobile phone or PC and the money is irrevocably transferred to the seller’s bank account. Vehicle and car documents can be handed over immediately. The seller receives a real-time confirmation about the payout via text message and email.

How does sicherbezahlen protect?

Buying a vehicle

Cash Payment

Acquiring large amounts of cash is burdensome, needs to be planned 1 to 3 days ahead and is not possible during weekends. Storing, transport and handover cash can be very risky.


Minimize effort and risk: Pay in the money to sicherbezahlen and purchase cashless via Smartphone at the handover.


Paying in advance or paying a deposit for cars is dangerous and a common fraud. Many times you will make a payment and the money is gone.


Seller and buyer will get notified via email and SMS as soon as the buyer has made the deposit. That ensures the seller, that the buyer has a real interest in buying the car.

Money transfer

Money transfer services like Western Union, MoneyGram or similar services like PayPal are commonly misused for alleged escrow-agents. These services are not designed for expensive products like cars and are subject to fraud.


Our service is designed for car payments, boat payments and other valuable goods. We are able to offer you the most simple, secure and cost effective payment service within a large price range. Do not become subject to fraud!

Selling a vehicle

Counterfeit money

A common car trading scam is the payment with counterfeit money. Not all people have the possibility, the time or the skills to check for counterfeit money.


Pay cashless and secure via Smartphone or Computer. The buyer can authorize the payment after the inspection.

Scam buyers

A lot of scammers try to contact you via marketplaces to gain valuable personal information about you to commit a fraud.


Every buyer needs to be officially identified via Video-Identification to comply with Germany's money laundering act. This ensures that the buyer can not be a fraudster.

Bank transfer cancellation

A scammer could assure you about the trustworthiness of his bank transfer receipt and cancel the transfer as soon as he is in the possession of the car. The money will never reach your bank acount and your car is gone.


As soon as the buyer has released the money via TAN it is non-revocable transferred to the seller's bank account. In real-time both parties receive a confirmation via email and SMS, to be certain about the payment.

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